Here you can find and see who is moving to Spain.

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A lot of people realized that the healthcare systems in US, Canada, UK, etc. are incredibly inefficient and expensive.


A healthcare in Spain is public and free of charge for all residents. If you are interested in a private health insurance, you can find a lot of providers offering very affordable plans.

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A lot of people would like to experience to live in place that is more multicultural and international that the countries that they are living.


Spain is very cosmopolitan and multicultural country with a high number of international presence where you can find a million of foreigners living or visiting. You can choose if you want to live in touristic area or just between the locals.

In Spain is living more than 43 million of people and around 14% (6,000,000) are foreigners.


The biggest international communities:

- English

- American

- German

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Spain is one of the countries with a big international presence where you can find a lot of expats communities. In Spain is living more than 43 million of people and around 14% (6,000,000) are foreigners.


The biggest expat community is English-speaking community.

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Even if you are able to make enough money and purchase your dream house, the cost related to own the property prohibitively high.


Property taxes are high, and they are rising every single year following the trend of the prices of the properties. 

Another problem is the US trend to build the majority of a new homes only in gated communities.


All the communities has a Homeowner Associations that are managing the communities and charging a HOA monthly fee. The condominiums have a Condo Association managing the properties as well. That would be not a problem, but the problem are the cary high fees that these Associations are charging without any limit or control. If you don't pay the fees that can foreclose on your property and you will lose it.


Spain is one of the countries that has the lowest property taxes. Annual Property Tax, officially known as Impuestos sobre Bienes Inmuebles.


They are set by the local provincial government, and the rates vary— depending on the province—from about 0.00405% to 0.01166% of the cadastral value of the property.

If you choose to purchase a property in a community the HOA or COA fees are very reasonable.

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A lot of people would like to experience a to live in the country on Old Continent with long and incredible history.


The history of Spain dates back to the Middle Ages. In 1516.

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A lot of people are interested not just visit Europe for a few days, but experienced what it is like to live there.


You can visit, live or work in any other European country as a Spanish resident anytime without any restrictions.

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We can see everyday more and more that the people in the same community stopped socializing. How many time you see that people don't know their own neighbours.


Spanish culture is one of the most friendly culture in the world. Spain is well know for the following: Live and enjoy.

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Spanish food is incredibly varied, the first known recipes were written in the 14th Century. The Spanish Mediterranean cuisine is a great mix of different cuisines including the Moors, Arabs, Jews, French and Italians.


There are literally thousands of recipes and flavours to experience when you live or visit various regions of Spain. Spain has a plenty of vegetables and fruits and was always considered a garden of Europe.

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A lot of places in Spain are a few minutes for nature. There are sixteen big national parks in Spain and dozen of natural parks and protected areas. Andalusia has two big National parks (Sierra Nevada and Donana) and 11 natural parks. 

30% of the surface area of Andalusia is a protected space. Southern Spain is rich in these landscapes. Andalusia is a home to both, snow-capped mountains and Saharan deserts.

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If you like a diversity, Spain is your place. You can go from taking sun on the beach to go to ski on the mountains in question of minutes.


Spain has very diverse landscape, with a long Mediterranean coastline and its own mountain chain.

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A lot of people in a lot of countries are tired to "Live to Work" and be rather "Work to Live". In Spain you don't need constantly make more and more money to live a quality life.

Spain ranks as the best place in Europe for expats wanting to enjoy life, and second overall, just behind New Zealand.


You can choose to live in the expat community or immerse into the local culture.

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The people who realized that the money and work is not the most important in life and decided to live with less and better quality of life.

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A lot of countries has every single day more and more crime and insecurity. A lot of people is not interested to have a gun or live in places where is a lot of the gun violence.


 Spain ranks as one of the top 10% of the safest countries in the world.

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A lot of people is working from home and realized that they can live anywhere and continue to work for the company that they are working now and that they can pay half of the cost of living in Spain for better quality of life.

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A lot of people don't qualify or can not afford to purchase a real estate without being tied to a huge debt for life.


In Spain, are no restrictions on buying property, whether it's commercial, residential or land. In fact, Spain encourages investment by foreigners, both resident and non-resident.

You can find very affordable residential fixer uppers or bank owned properties for a little as $40,000 Euro.

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A lot of parents is not willing to be buried  or buried their kids in crazy high student loans and pay it the rest of their life. 


European countries,  including Spain,  are known for a great education and a majority of people are speaking various languages. The cost of education is just a fraction of the cost of d=education in US or UK. 


You have a lot of options. You can pay very accessible private, international schooling or to integrate fully into the state education system. 

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A lot of people realized that a lot of cities, including the small ones are totally overwhelmed with cars and to live in a lot of cities without car is a real hassle, without talking about all the costs related to owning a car.


Spain and Europe in general has very good transit system between the cities and other countries. It doesn't matter if you are using a car, bus, metro, train, or airplanes.


All transportation system is efficient and very affordable.

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A lot of Expats lived in different countries in Latin America or Caribbean (Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Malta etc.) realized that none of these countries can offer the same safety, security, accessibility, advancements as a Spain.


Spain is not a developing country with limited access to modern world or some small inaccessible island in the middle of nowhere.


You have access to anything that you would access in any other developed country.

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A lot of people like travel and not bankrupt because of that. Spain has a lot of airports and connections for very affordable prices. 


If you want to take any kind of trip to any international destination in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia or South America, it is very easy to find a connection. 

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A lot of people is tired of dealing with natural disasters (hurricanes, volcanos eruptions, earthquakes, fires, flooding, etc.)

Spain is one of the safest countries in the world without any big danger regarding this matter.


In Spain, you can find all the type of climate. There is a big difference between North and South and between inland and the coast.


Thanks to a natural shelter from the weather fronts that are so common along the Atlantic coast, the regions of Spain that border the Mediterranean (coastal Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia, coastal Andalusia, Balearic Islands) enjoy less rain and more sunshine than their northern counterparts.

That is the reason why Costa del Sol has a great year around weather.

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A lot of people would like to explore the variety of cultures and what better place than Europe.


Every country is totally different and the majority of people are speaking English.


If you like exploring and traveling places, you will never be bored. Spain is one of the biggest and diverse countries in the world and you can travel, visit and discover for years any of the 17 provinces and you will always be surprised with the variety of history, architecture and culture of places. 

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A lot of countries has very complicated, forever taking and difficult visa process.


Spain offers many options for visas and residence permits. Each option has its own set of requirements.


The most common visas are:

- Tourist Visa

- Student Staying Permit

- Non-Lucrative Visa and Residence Permit (sometimes called Retirement Visa)

- Employment Visa and Residence Permit

- Self-Employment Visa and Residence Permit

- Entrepreneur Visa and Residence Permit

- Investor Visa and Residence Permit (also known as the “Golden Visa”)

- Long Duration (Permanent) Residence Permit

- Spanish Nationality for the Descendants of Sephardi Jews

- Family Roots Visa and Residence (arraigo)

Other options:


- intra-company transfers

- family reunification

- asylum seekers

- students serving post-graduate internships

- former students applying for jobs after university graduation

You can check your consulate’s website for additional information.

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