Here you can find a list with variety of different reasons that we received from Americans or foreigners (expats), who were living in United States and decided to leave.


These are some of the reasons that motivated them or have played a roll on their decision.

Our list is not a complete list and of course doesn't include all the reasons that exist.


We are constantly updating the list, so if you see that the reasons, that motivated you are not included, let us know. We will be more than happy to add it. 

Many of thee reasons may apply for another countries as well. 

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The US State Department doesn’t publicly keep track of how many Americans (expats) are living abroad for a security reason, but they have internal estimates.

For fiscal year 2016, the State Department estimated that there were 9,000,000 Americans living abroad. That is a significant increase from 4,000,000 in 1999.

Following the information of Gallup's World Poll, 16% of Americans overall who said in 2017 and again in 2018 that they would like to permanently move to another country, if they could, is higher than the average levels of 10% during previous years.

The 30% of Americans younger than 30 who would like to move also represents a new high -- and it is also the group in which the gender gap is the largest. Forty percent of women younger than 30 said they would like to move, compared with 20% of men in this age group.

Here you can see some reasons why many Americans or foreigners living in the United States, decided to leave the country.



- litigation society

- no responsibility of attorneys

- corrupt system of the accountability of attorneys for malpractice and negligence

- no responsibility of attorneys

- unscrupulous attorneys

- attorney's greed

- attorney's malpractice protection by the Professional Association

- very limited opportunities to complain about malpractice and negligence



- use of old banking system

- limited online payment options

- limited amounts of check to deposit online 

- limited check's amount to deposit online 

- use of old payment systems

- slow implementation of new payment systems and technology

- lobbying to protect against competition

- necessity to go to the bank with any issue that could be resolved online



- failure to control online scam

- failure to control scam

- failure to block scam emails

- failure to protect from hackers

- big tech censorship (YouTube, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

- limited access to information (Google)

- internet information manipulation

- internet information censorship

- online reviews veracity

- online review manipulation

- news manipulation

- grow of big tech companies power

- grow of big companies power

- end of free speech

- failure to protect from robocalls

BUSINESS (Small companies)



The biggest danger today for small businesses in US today is a totally unleashed wave of litigation, that are filed for any reason. Too many attorneys, too much greed and easy money from settlements, are driving this phenomena to stratospheric levels. This unbearable liability push a lot of people out of business and out of country. 


- complicated tax system

- bureaucratic burden on small companies (professional licenses, ADA compliance websites, etc.)

BUSINESS (Big companies)



Big companies are paying crazy high salaries, giving stocks, stock options and bonuses to their CEO and pay a minimal salary to their workers.


- corporate greed

- monopoly

- employees exploitation


- cold weather (various states)


- construction companies don't follow local ordinances about noise and working hours

- poor quality of a new construction

- limited options to hold a construction company liable for defects


- total failure and unpreparedness of Government to handle pandemic (Covid19)

- total failure of hospitals to handle pandemics (Covid19)

- hospital malpractice protection (Covid19)

- companies malpractice protection (Covid19)

- local government forcing people wearing masks 

- local government forcing people obey executive orders 

- local government forcing small businesses to closing 

- local government forcing small businesses limit their business

- local government forcing people stay home



- crime

- gun violence (various cities)

- gang violence (various cities)

- violence on the street


- obsolete

- not protected against fraud

- easy to scam

- too much power

- predatory interest and fees


- high prices


- cost of education

- quality of education

- Financial illiteracy

- teachers quality

- teachers ethics

- teachers unions


- limited days of vacation

- limited days of sickness

- limited days of maternity


- too much pesticides and chemicals used in landscape maintenance destroying the quality of the waters supply and rivers and oceans

- too much chemicals used by pest control companies

- too many nuclear power plants

- too many old nuclear power plants


- quality of food

- quality of vegetables and fruit

- quality of meat products

- quality of diary

- drink water quality

- too many chemicals in food production- - too much processed food

- too much preservatives in the food

- lack of local bakeries

- too much plastics involved in food industry

- too much waste of food

GOVERNMENT (federal, state, local)

- absolutely shortage of walkways

- if there are walkways, quality is very poor

- cleanliness of the street

- quality of neighborhoods

- local rules and laws

- jail and prison system

- criminal law

- quality of education

- dirty street and roads

- noise level

- too much traffic

- cost of properties

- high property taxes

- too many guns

- growing insecurity (US)

- limited control of judiciary system (US)

- failure to control online scam

- failure to control scam

- failure to control spam phone calls

- slow new technology implementation

- water quality (various cities)

- building code deterioration

- raising permits costs

- ocean pollution

- water pollution

- failure to protect from robocalls

- too much legal liability

- unlimited online exposure of private information

- bad functioning of government websites

- failure to protect online privacy

- malfunctioning credit score system

- train noise during nights

- trucks and machinery reverse beep sound

- local government forcing people wearing masks 

- local government forcing people obey executive orders 

- local government forcing small businesses to closing 

- local government forcing small businesses limit their business

- local government forcing people stay home


- healthcare affordability

- cost of healthcare insurance

- cost of prescription drugs

- administrative bureaucracy

- cost of dental care

- lack of natural medicine

- hospitals pressuring doctors for the most expensive procedures

- doctors resolving everything with drugs

- doctors resolving everything with surgery

- doctors in private practice looking only for the most expensive procedures and prescriptions

- dentist costs

- medical costs

- hospital malpractice protection laws


- illegal immigration


- malfunction of judicial system

- bad functioning of criminal legal system

- too much legal liability


lack of mountains or long distance to reach them (various states) 

- lack of the beaches or long distance to reach them (various states)

- boring and monotone landscape (FL, NV)



- hurricanes (various states)

- wildfires (California)

- tornadoes (various states)

- earthquakes (California)

- flooding (various states)


- journalists professionalism

- journalists ethics

- fake news

- polarization of the news

- information manipulation

- lose of common sense 


- many homes or communities are near of the airports and the noise of the airplanes is unbearable

- locomotives of all trains are using their train horns 20 seconds on every single crossing 24/7

- many restaurants  in populated areas are pumping loud music through speakers bothering the neighbours living in the area 

- many homes or communities are build next to the highways and the noise of the cars, specially during the night is unbearable


empathy of people on the street

- drug addiction and alcoholic problem

- too many drugs on the street

- cancel culture


- legalization of lobbying and donations

- the politics

- political polarisation

- politic corruption

- growing racial tensions

- escalation of racial tensions

- growing extreme left

- growing extreme right

- growing homelessness

- socialism ideology resurgence

- Marxist ideology resurgence

- extreme left extremism

- official politics failure

- hate speech of politics, senators, congressmen and legislators

- democracy failure

- cancel culture support


- too many dogs allowed and left alone during working hours barking in condominiums and apartment building

- dogs peeing in common area

dogs defecating in common area and owners not cleaning it after


- manipulated stock market

- 401K dependency on market volatility

- stock market speculation

- only few big companies represent too much of the market share


- high taxes (various states)

- high property taxes


- high of transportation

- high cost of travel

- high cost of airplane tickets

- high of hotels

- high hotel local taxes


- economic vulnerability

- abuse of power of home and condo associations

- first amendment

- insecurity on the streets

- abolishment of police

- cost of litigation to protect your rights

- business liability lawsuits
- teenager car insurance costs
- abuse of service dogs policy in apartment and condo buildings

- mental health crisis ( Anxiety and depression)

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