Here you can find a list with variety of different reasons that we received from nationals or foreigners (expats), who decided to leave Canada.

Check the reasons that motivated them or have played a roll on their decision to leave Canada.

Our list is not a complete list and of course doesn't include all the reasons that exist. We are constantly updating the list, so if you see that the reasons, that motivated you are not included, let us know. We will be more than happy to add it. 

Image by Daria Nepriakhina


- horrible weather

- french barrier (French part)

- immigration process is complicated and time-consuming

- difficult to find a job

- Canadians are culturally more solitary

- long wait times for doctor’s appointments

- long wait times for public services

- the politics

- raising racist tensions

- high taxes

- high cost of living

- low wages

- prescription drugs are expensive

- alcohol is regulated and expensive

- costly childcare

- never travel out of County

- never travel out of state

- never travel out of CANADA

- cost of healthcare insurance

- administrative bureaucracy

- too much traffic

- cost of education

- quality of education

- cost of properties

- cost of dental care

- employees exploitation

- weather

- crime

- lack of the beaches

- lose of common sense

- corporate greed

- failure to control online scam

- failure to control scam

- failure to control spam phone calls

- companies failure to protect from hackers


- total failure of Government to handle pandemics (Covid19)

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