Here you can find a list with variety of different reasons that we received from nationals or foreigners (expats), who decided to leave Australia.

Check the reasons that motivated them or have played a roll on their decision to leave Australia.

Our list is not a complete list and of course doesn't include all the reasons that exist. We are constantly updating the list, so if you see that the reasons, that motivated you are not included, let us know. We will be more than happy to add it. 

Image by Daria Nepriakhina


- language barrier (big nuances in the English language)

- far away from everywhere

- driving on the left side of the road

- city traffic

- city life stress

- culture differences

- big distances out of cities

- travelling between cities is difficult

- very expensive properties

- groceries are expensive

- lack of activity in small towns

- "insane" cost of living in bigger cities

-  cost of living is pretty high

- food is not cheap

- utilities are not cheap

private healthcare is costly

private and international schools are expensive

- higher cancer risk because a hole in the ozone

- Australia’s sunshine is very strong

- expensive investment visa requirements

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