Our 8-week Online One on One Coaching Program.

We are offering One on One Individual Sessions of 1 hour during which you can ask questions about any of the topics related to living abroad as well.

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8 week Online One on One Coaching Program


The price per person for a 8-week Online One on One Coaching Program is $900.00 USD per person.

If you are couple or family, your partner can participate free of charge.

One on One Individual sessions


One on One Individual session rate is $195/per hour.

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You will learn about the following topics during our Online One on One Coaching Program:


- Spain geography

- Spain habits and customs

- Local habits and customs

- Spain rules and laws

- Local rules and laws

- Driving license

- Internet options

- Cell phone providers

- Banking system

- Real estate

- Healthcare system

- Health insurance

- Property insurance

- Car insurance

- School system and education

- Transportation

- Travel in European Union

- Residing in European Union

- Working in European Union

- Studying in European Union

- Tax laws

- Visas

- Loans and mortgages

- Local Expat communities

- Jobs and employment

- Business ventures


What is included:

- Weekly 45  min One on One Coaching

(via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp)

- Email and text support

- Accountability tasks

- Development and Creation of your Personalized Action plan

- Creation of Personalized Vision Board

- Local language skill test

During each session you can ask any question about any topic or any other question that you may have. 

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Here you can book your Online One on One Coaching Program or One on One Individual session.



1. You can make the reservation of your Online One on One Coaching Program or One on One Individual session here...


No Credit card needed at this point. We just need the name of the participant(s) and schedule your coaching sessions. 

2. We confirm the availability and schedule the session(s).


3. We will send you an email for your payment.

To schedule your Free consultation or for any additional information or session(s) changes, feel free to send us an email here... 

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