Becoming an expat is a process that need very good preparation.


Here you can find some of the key considerations you need to think about before you move abroad.

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A short checklist of future expat:



- Learn language of your future country (if apply)

- Community in your future country (Groups, Forums, etc.)

- Passport

- Driver License
- International Driver License
- Make copies and translation of important documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical and dental records, vaccinations, proof of citizenship, insurance policies, academic records and diplomas, employment records, living will and testament, etc.)
- Inform the schools about it if you have kids
- Taxes in home country (contact your tax preparer, CPA, etc.)
- Life insurance review
- Will and testament review
- Visa requirements for you and your family members in future country (start in the embassy in US, type of visas, work permits, security check, financials, insurance, etc.)
- Pets requirements, vaccines, quarantine, etc. (if apply)
- Visit your medical doctor if you have any pending medical checkups
- Vaccine
- Medical coverage
- Travel insurance
- Mobile phone provider (international coverage, plans, internet, plans, etc.) 
- Medicine and Prescriptions in your home country
- Medicine and Prescriptions in your future country
- Voltage in the future country
- Taxes in future country
- Property in home country (sale, rental, utility bills, re-route your mail, etc.)
- Sign a Power of attorney to somebody who you trust
- Car in home country (sale, return a lease, insurance, etc.)
- Storage in home country ?
- Moving (storage, relocation company, shipping, custom duties, movers, etc.)
- Book your transportation and short term accommodations in future country (sometimes required)
- Open an international bank account (credit cards, fees, ATM, exchange rates)
- Outstanding and other bill in home country
- Cancel all memberships and subscriptions in home country (magazines, gym, etc.)
- Money exchange
First steps in your new country:

- Select the location to settle
- Check out the final location (hospitals, supermarkets, schools, transportation, etc.)
- Long term rental in future country
- Apply for a personal identification number (if not received from the embassy already)
- Register with the local government
- Open local bank account
- Purchase of property in future country (if apply)



We explain each topic during our coaching sessions or workshops.


You can ask any question about any topic or any other question that you may have as well. 

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