I am assuming that you clicked on our website and you started to read this, because you are probably considering or maybe even planning to move out of the country that you're living right now.


Maybe you did your research already and selected Spain as a strong contender, where you could potentially move to and eventually live.

If you did your Due Diligence and did all the research about Spain, your next and most important step is still ahead of you.


You should plan your visit (I recommend minimum 10 days), and see in person the location or locations, that you are considering.


That is the most important thing to do, to see it and experience it before your final decision.

You have 3 options, what you can do if you decide to visit Spain.


- You can go on your own

- You can book a Relocation Workshop

- You can book an Immersion Stay


If you chose the first option, be sure to spend in Spain the maximum time possible and talk to a lot of expats, visit various properties and make some consultations with local professionals regarding all aspects of life in the country. 

As a second option you can book a 4-day Spain Relocation Workshop in area of Costa del Sol with our company, where you will have all the necessary consultations, meetings and visits pre-programmed.


As a third option you can book one of our Spanish Cultural and Language Immersion Stays in area of Costa del Sol.


To see what you should do during your first visit, see the Checklist below.

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Spain Relocation Workshops was created by a group of American Expats who moved out of US and after rigorous elimination process selected to move and live in Spain on Costa del Sol.


We know that the most important aspect of the right decision is to be able to speak with a lot of people and see with your own eyes, what it is like to live in the place, that could become your next home.


That is why we started Spain Relocation Workshops. Our main goal is to help people interested to relocate to Spain with their final decision in short period of time and.


That is the reason why is Spain Relocation Workshops is a life-changing opportunity for everybody, who is considering to move, to study, to invest, to work, to purchase a property, to do a business, to retire or just spend longer period of time in Spain.

If you are considering Spain as your future home, let us know when you plan your visit. You don't have to stay in Marbella, you can stay in any city on Costa del Sol. Just let us know the dates of your visit, and we will check, if we have any available spots left for the date of your visit.


Be sure to plan in advance, because of enormous interest and crazy large number of foreigners interested to move to Spain and fast growing demand, our workshops are booked for many months in advance.


If we confirm our availability, that we have a spot for you, we will let you know, send you a link for payment, so can book or purchase our 4-day Spain Relocation Workshop.

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Demographics of the expats and people moving out of their countries changed a lot.

- students

- young professionals

- retirees

- investors

- families

- business owners

- young couples

- vacation homes buyers


There is a variety of people moving to Spain. They are not just retirees, who are living on their Social Security, but a lot of young people and families looking for better quality of life for less money, students trying to learn and live different experience, or people looking for a simpler and less stressful life. A lot of  investors and businessmen, who are looking to diversify their business or having a vacation home in different country.

To move to another country is not for everyone. We've spoken with a lot of people and hear infinite reasons. If you are  considering to move out of your country and you are thinking about Spain, let us know here... We know exactly what you have to do to be 100% if the move is right for you.

For additional info about Who is moving to Spain click here... or on the image below. 

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We designed our tours specifically to needs of foreigner or expat and you will be able not just to see in person what it is like to live in Spain, but meet local people, other expats living in the location the most important meet various professionals from different fields, that will answer any kind of question you may have regarding the local laws.

For more info about Spain Relocation Tours click here... or on the following image below: 

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Here is a checklist what you should do when you are visiting the country for the first time:

- Visit a city or cities that you are considering

- Walk the city

- Walk the beaches (if apply)

- Visit mountains (if apply)

- Try a public transportation

- Try a taxi, Uber or Lyft

- Rent a car or visit a rental car company

- Visit a cell phone company store

- Meet some locals

- Meet some expats

- Meet a local lawyer

- Meet a local real estate agent

- Meet a local a tax expert

- Meet a local accountant

- Meet a local insurance agent

- Eat in some local restaurants

- Meet some business owner

- Visit a doctor

- Visit a hospital

- Visit a pharmacy

- Visit a bank

- Visit a supermarket

- Visit a dentist

- Visit a school (if you have kids)

- Visit a Driving school



Spain Relocation Workshops has the office in the city of Marbella, which is located on one of the best coasts in Europe, Costa del Sol, in the biggest province of Spain, Andalusia, We are organizing our tours in various cities on Costa del Sol.

For additional info about Costa del Sol click here... or on the image below. 

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These are some reasons why so many people are moving to Spain:

- Low Cost of Living

- Good Healthcare system

- Safety

- Cosmopolitan and Multicultural

- First World Country

- Many Expats Communities

- Accessible real estate

- Low property taxes

- History and Culture

- Good education

- Europe access

- Great transit system

- Euro currency

- Not an Island

- Many International Airports

- Friendly people

- Beautiful nature

- Diverse landscape

- Plenty of National Parks

- Always something new to explore

- International Airports

- Incredible food

- Perfect weather

- Various Visa options

- Quality of life

- Etc.

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If you need any information regarding Spain Relocation Workshops, verify the availability or ask about any other topic related to moving to Spain or you want to schedule your free consultation, don't hesitate to contact us anytime here... or on the image below.

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Click here... or on the image below to see some of the most interesting facts and peculiarities of Spain. 

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