Becoming an expat or moving overseas can be stressful enough without making any mistakes.


You will make mistakes along the way, and this is to be expected, but we can help you to avoid the maximum number of mistakes and help you to experience as smooth a transition as possible.

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Here's a list of the most common mistakes that many expats are making:


Insufficient preparation and research

- Not comparing income with living expenses

- Not learning the language or not even attempting to speak the language

- Acting like a traveler, not a resident

- Living beyond your means-

- Not Preparing myself for social norms of another culture

- Only making expat friends

- Resist to be more open and change some habits

 - Stereotyping the culture

- Not realizing there is such a thing as reverse culture shock

- Getting overwhelmed by the bureaucracy instead to hire some professional to help you with

- Poor organisation

- Time management

- Not packing correctly

- Insufficient budget and underestimating costs

- Settling for the first apartment that you looked at

- Rushing the accommodation process

- Overpacking

- Not factoring in the exchange rates

- Being caught out by home country and local taxes



We explain each topic during our coaching sessions or workshops.


You can ask any question about any topic or any other question that you may have as well. 

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